Streaming Now!

If you enjoy watching bad people play Call of Duty come check out my stream, I promise I’m terrible.

Mega Man X - Streaming Now!

Are you a fan of the old school Mega Man games? Well come on over to my stream as I’ll be attempting to not completely suck at Mega Man X for the SNES. But be warned, I have a long history of sucking at any type of 2D platformer.

Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed!

Come join us on my twitch channel as I stream Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed! If you have the game, post in the chat and we can add you to our party!

Join us over on Twitch right now for some Pokemon Showdown fun!

PokeCenters Anime Movie Night!

Come join PokeCenter Forums for our weekly Anime Movie Night! This week we will be viewing Wolf Children!

Sonic Generations Stream!

Come join our very own Pix as she begins to stream Sonic Generations for our community! Check out the link below as well as our link to PokeCenter forums where we will be giving away a shiny Eevee soon!

New winner picked!

Crazygamermoon has not responded to your ask, so we randomly picked a new winner, and the winner is makikochan! Congragulations!

Stay tuned though for more Pokemon giveaways!

The winner of the Shiny Corsola is…

crazygamermoon! Congragulations on winning! We will be sending you a ask for your Friend Code so we can give you your prize.

Stay tuned though for more Pokemon giveaways!

We’ll be streaming Pokemon Movie 16 for Anime Movie Night, so come join use!

Also as a update, the winner of the Shiny Corsola will be picked tomorrow! You can still enter by rebloging this post!


We’re gonna be streaming Little Witch Academia as a special before the actual Anime Movie Night tomorrow, so come on down to join us! c: